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One of the challenges for our AAA program is finding families that are willing to host (billet) players from out of town and from other countries.

Our out-of-town players want to experience their time away from their families in a caring environment, and to have a home away from home.  Having a hockey player in your home takes time, patience, and a willingness to share. There are lots of differences - cultural and personal - and both are part of the rewarding experience of welcoming someone new into your home. In many cases, host families make new friends for life.

Frequently asked questions about housing a player:

  1. What makes a great billet?
    • A sensitive and patient family! It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique, and that communication and mutual understanding take effort.
  2. May a family host more than one player?
    • Yes. Two (or more) players can share transportation expenses, and often provide camaraderie for one another. All our players fill out a detailed application and must comply with specific guidelines for behavior and academic performance (if applicable).
  3. What am I expected to provide?
    • We ask that you provide:
      A separate room and closet for a player, or shared room and bath if hosting more than one player. 2. Desk and chair, Internet access, and furnishings as you might find in a dorm room. 3.  Nutritious meals. (Billets are not responsible for meal expenses when players are traveling.)   4. Transportation for team practices and activities if player does not have a vehicle or other means of getting to the rink.  5.  A patient, supportive, and friendly home atmosphere. 6. The same guidance and attention you would want for your children.

What you receive in return:

  1. A firsthand understanding of being a hockey fan.
  2. A new perspective on hockey as seen through the eyes of your Tri-State Spartans player.
  3. The opportunity to make a difference to a young player and help him toward his dreams.

Host families receive $375.00 per month to help cover the players stay with you.  Last season we primarily needed housing for the 18U AAA team but we could also need Host families for 16U AAA players as well. If you would be interested in discussing becoming a host family, please contact Judi Kremer or Greg Austin.

Judi Kremer (Tri-State Spartans Billet Coordinator):

Greg Austin (Head Coach Tri-State Spartans 18U AAA):



  • To read an article about billeting from USA Hockey Magazine, click here.

We appreciate you potentially taking an interest in becoming a host family and assisting these young hockey players by opening your home to them.